Cerro Flow Products LLC Announces The Launch Of CerroSet.com

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Cerro Flow Products LLC, a manufacturer of high-quality flow control products to the plumbing, heating, air conditioning, refrigeration, and industrial markets, is thrilled to unveil its newest product line.

CerroSet.com offers over 1,000 different lineset combinations based on length, diameter, end finish, and insulation thickness for quick, cost-effective field installation of split system air conditioners, heat pumps, and more.

At Cerro Flow Products LLC, we are proud to add CerroSet to our portfolio, expand product offerings, and make it easier for our customers to do business. Cerro continues to provide reliable products and solutions in support of products applicable to HVAC requirements and other industrial markets.

About Cerro Flow Products LLC:

Since the company began in 1908, Cerro has always maintained its pioneering spirit. From the early days of smelting brass ingots to becoming one of the innovators in producing and handling copper tubing worldwide, Cerro has been an industry leader.

Our expertise as a manufacturer of copper tubing has enabled us to grow into a full-service company. In this role, Cerro Flow Products LLC is proud to offer the strength and reliability of a trusted name as we begin our latest expansion into new flow control solutions.

To help you stay ahead of the competition, we look forward to providing you with the highest-quality, competitively-priced products and value-added services now and in the future.

Cerro Flow Products LLC is one of more than 100 autonomous manufacturing and service businesses in Marmon Holdings, Inc., a global industrial organization and Berkshire Hathaway company.

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