Mission Complete – Proprietary Spec

When I hired on with Cerro in 2019, I learned that copper tube was not specified in the AIA’s MasterSpec® by proprietary brand, but simply by reference standards. As a proud new hire, I set about on a mission to get Cerro Flow Products LLC listed in MasterSpec®. As a former Certified Construction Specifier with the CSI, I thought; “How hard could this be?”

AIA MasterSpec® was sold into the market by Avitru so I start there right? …Wrong. The same day I started with Cerro, Deltek acquired Avitru (originally known as ARCOM). Avitru’s Spec Agent software was mothballed, but Deltek’s new Specpoint software had yet to be launched. 2019 was a manufacturer’s purgatory.

Simultaneously specification writing software providers were partnering or merging with project management software providers, and project lead service providers to create vertically integrated solutions from project conception to project completion. On Sept 15, 2021 ConstructConnect (formerly CMD Group: I Sq Ft, BidClerk and CDC News) announced the addition of Deltek Specpoint® to their lineup of software and data offerings to building product manufacturers.

“Who is on first and What is on second” best describes 2020 and 2021. I was stymied at every turn. But all of that changed in 2022 at the ASPE convention in Indianapolis IN.

Nicholas Hipp, CPD – Case Engineering, Inc  – Manager of Plumbing Engineering & Project Manager.

I first had a conversation with Nicholas Hipp, CPD – Case Engineering, Inc  – Manager of Plumbing Engineering & Project Manager.  Nicholas served our St. Louis ASPE Chapter as chapter president from 2019-2023. In addition he served as the ASPE Young Professionals (AYP) Liaison to the ASPE Board of Directors from 2020-2022, and in 2022, was elected as Region 5 Director on the ASPE National Board.

Nicholas asked a simple question: “Why doesn’t Cerro have a booth at our National Convention?” This provided an opportunity for me to explain the current paradigm of copper tube “Reference Standard Specifications” and the lack of “Proprietary Specifications”. Nicholas validated the efficacy of my mission.

In 2022, Deltek’s AIA MasterSpec® looked like this:

I visited the CDA booth and spoke with Marcus Elmer – Director, Tube and Fittings with the Copper Development Association, Andy Kireta – President & CEO, Copper Development Association Inc. and Harold Moret – Project Manager at Copper Development Association (not pictured).

I explained my goal to get Cerro specified in MasterSpec® and the efforts I had made to date. I gave Marcus my contacts at Deltek who write specifications including

This was Sept 20, 2022. Marcus immediately went to work to positively influence the use of copper and its alloys in the marketplace by getting “Made in the USA” copper tube specified by Deltek in MasterSpec®.

One year later…

Cerro sends our appreciation and thank you to:

Joseph V. Messina, CPD, FASPE – Senior Specification Writer – Product MasterSpec at Deltek

Paula P. Gillette, PE, CCS, CDT, HFDP, LEED AP BD+C – Deltek Specification Solutions – AIA MasterSpec Principal Specification Writer – Engineering

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